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Blithe Spirit

by John Knowles

John Knowles discusses the reassuring presence of the ghost Elvira in Blithe Spirit when it was first performed during the Second World War, and the numerous revivals and adaptations of the play since then.

Private Lives

by John Knowles

People mistakenly believe that Coward’s plays are light-hearted drawing-room comedies – they couldn’t be more wrong. John Knowles' essay talks about Coward's writing of Private Lives in 1930 and why the play continues to be revived throughout the world today.

Noël Coward

by Sheridan Morley

A brief biography of Noël Coward. Sheridan Morley was drama critic of the Daily Express; he wrote the first Coward biography, A Talent to Amuse, and devised the stage show Noël and Gertie; he was also a trustee of the Noël Coward Foundation.

The First Noël

by Al Senter

Al Senter, freelance theatre journalist and interviewer, discusses the sparkling quips and silk dressing-gowns of Noël Coward and how the Coward brand has the capacity to surprise and delight all generations.

Why Noël Now?

by Barry Day

Barry Day, Vice President of the Coward Society and Literary Advisor to the Coward Estate, explains why there is still such a flurry of interest around Noël Coward's plays in contemporary society and why, like the man himself, Coward will never go out of style.

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