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Video Footage


This page contains a variety of clips and footage for students to watch and consider as part of AO1, AO2 & AO5 of the A Level Syllabus.


Private Lives Footage

Penelope Keith Private Lives movie

Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence recording of Act I

Excerpt from Alan Rickman
and Lindsay Duncan production

Digital Theatre: Digital Theatre Plus provides a range of teaching resources, as well as a full-length filming of the 2013 production starring Anna Chancellor and Toby Stephens. Click here to get your free trial.

Radio recording of Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier – this clip takes excerpts from Private Lives as well as further dialogue their own spin.

An episode of the radio anthology series "Screen Guild Theater", broadcast 13 October 1940.

Interviews with cast & directors of Private Lives

Andrew Marr interviews Toby Stephens and Anna Chancellor (also features an excerpt from Maggie Smith and Robert Stephens’ production in 1974)

Kim Cattrall speaks about Private Lives in relation to her other most famous role as Samantha in Sex and the City and the ability to bring the audience with her

Anna Chancellor on playing Amanda at the Gielgud Theatre, 2013

Toby Stephens on Elyot and Amanda in Private Lives (Gielgud Theatre, 2013)

Jonathan Kent on directing Private Lives at the Gielgud Theatre

Janie Dee on playing Amanda at Nottingham Playhouse, 2011

Anthony Calf on playing Victor and the art of Comic Acting

 Kim Cattrall on playing Amanda at the Music Box Theatre, Broadway 

Anna-Louise Plowman on what’s involved each night to prepare for playing Sybil in Private Lives at the Gielgud Theatre

Rupert Wickham on playing Elyot at the Nottingham Playhouse, 2011

  Anna Chancellor and Toby Stephens in This Morning discussing Private Lives

Contemporary footage

Below are a series of clips taken from YouTube which show contemporary examples of themes also prevalent in Private Lives.


The Jazz Age & 1920s Britain:

 Dancing on the Edge is set in the early 1930s and follows black jazz musicians, the Louis Lester Band, as they find fame amongst the parties and performances of London's upper class society.

 Dancing on the Edge Episode 1

 Clip explaining the importance of an actor’s awareness of the 1920s political context in Downton Abbey. This is also an important part in the process for actors taking on a role in Private Lives.

Contemporary ‘Comedy of Manners’ examples


Love Actually

Friends (the 'warring couple')

Sex and the City

  Four Weddings and a Funeral



Modern Famliy

© Alan Brodie Representation. Noël Coward photo © Courtesy of the Richard Avedon Foundation