The Last Chapter (1917)

Co-written with Esmé Wynne under their joint pen name, Esnomel


Woman and Whisky (1918)

Co-written with Esmé Wynne


The Rat Trap (1918)

First Produced in 1926


I'll Leave It to You (1920)


Sirocco (1921)

Revised in 1927


The Young Idea (1922)


The Better Half (1922)


The Queen Was in the Parlour (1922)

First Produced in 1926


The Vortex (1923)

First Produced in 1924


Easy Virtue (1924)

First Produced in 1925


Fallen Angels (1925)


Hay Fever (1925)


Semi-Monde (1926)

Originally Ritz Bar, First Produced in 1988


This Was a Man (1926)


The Marquise (1927)


Home Chat (1927)


Private Lives (1929)

First Produced in 1930


Post Mortem (1932)

First Produced in 1992


Cavalcade (1930)

First Produced in 1931


Design For Living (1932)

First Produced in 1933


Point Valaine (1934)


Tonight at 8:30 (1935/36) a cycle of ten one-act plays:

We Were Dancing, The Astonished Heart, Red Peppers,

Hands Across the Sea, Fumed Oak, Shadow Play,

Ways and Means, Still Life, Family Album, Star Chamber


Present Laughter (1939)

First Produced 1942


This Happy Breed (1939)

First Produced 1943


Time Remembered (1940)


Blithe Spirit (1941)


Peace In Our Time (1947)


Long Island Sound (1947)

First Produced 1989


South Sea Bubble [Island Fling in USA] (1951)


Relative Values (1951)


Quadrille (1952)


Nude with Violin (1956)


Volcano (1957)

First Produced in 2002


Look After Lulu! (1959)


Waiting in the Wings (1960)


Suite in Three Keys (1966)

A Song at Twilight, Shadows of the Evening, 

Come into the Garden, Maud


Star Quality (1967)

First Produced in Bath, 1985




Bitter Sweet (1928/1929)

An operetta


Conversation Piece (1933)

Comedy with music


Operette (1937)

A musical play


Pacific 1860 (1946)

A musical romance


Ace of Clubs (1949)

A musical play


After the Ball (1953)

A musical based on Lady Windermere's Fan


London Morning (1958)

A ballet


Sail Away (1959–61)

A musical comedy


The Girl Who Came to Supper (1963)

A musical comedy based on The Sleeping Prince


Revues & Sketches


London Calling! (1922, 1923)

A revue in collaboration with Ronald Jeans


Weatherwise (1923)

First Produced in 1932


On With the Dance (1924, 1925)


This Year of Grace (1927, 1928)

Originally Charles B. Cochran's Revue


Charles B. Cochran’s Revue (1931)


The Third Little Show (1931)


Words and Music (1932)


Set to Music (1939)

A Broadway rewrite of Words and Music


Sigh No More (1945)


Oh, Coward! (1972)


Cowardy Custard (1972)







In Which We Serve (1942)


Brief Encounter (1945)

Based on Still Life from Tonight at 8:30


The Astonished Heart (1950)

One of the 9 plays in Tonight at 8:30


Meet Me Tonight (1952)

Based on Red Peppers, Fumed Oak and Ways & Means from Tonight at 8:30


Films of Coward’s Plays


The Queen Was In The Parlour (1927)


Easy Virtue (1927 & 2008)


The Vortex (1927)


Private Lives (1931)


Tonight Is Ours (1932)

Remake of The Queen Was In Parlour


Cavalcade (1932)


Design For Living (1933)


Bitter Sweet (1933 & 1940)


We Were Dancing (1942)

One of the 9 plays in Tonight at 8:30


This Happy Breed (1943)


Brief Encounter (1945)
Based on Coward's short play Still Life


Blithe Spirit (1945)


Pretty Polly, UK/A Matter of Innocence, US (1967)

Based on Coward’s short story Pretty Polly Barlow


Relative Values (2000)


Acting Roles


The Scoundrel (1935)

As egocentric published Tony Mallare


Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)

Cameo role


Our Man in Havana (1959)

As Hawthorne


Surprise Package (1960)

As King Pavel II


Paris When It Sizzles (1963)

As Alexander Mayerheim


Bunny Lake is Missing (1965)

As Horatio Wilson


Androloces and the Lion (1967)

As Caesar


Boom (1968)

As the Witch of Capri


The Italian Job (1969)

As Mr. Bridger


Star! (1968)

Based on the life and career of Gertrude Lawrence


Short Stories


The Wooden Madonna


Traveller’s Joy


Aunt Tittie


What Mad Pursuit


Cheap Excursion


The Kindness of Mrs. Radcliffe


Nature Study


A Richer Dust


Mr. and Mrs. Edgehill


Stop Me If You’ve Heard It


Ashes Of Roses


This Time Tomorrow


Star Quality (1951)


Pretty Polly Barlow (1964)


Mrs. Capper’s Birthday


Me And The Girls




Mrs Ebony


Penny Dreadful


To Step Aside (1939)


Bon Voyage (1967)




A Withered Nosegay (1922)


Chelsea Buns (1925)


Spangled Unicorn (1932)




Pomp and Circumstance (1960)




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